• The more friends you have, the more quick you grow.
  • Everything you buy will reward you 20% of its value in FP.
  • Everything you sell back will reward you 20% of its value in SP.
  • Always help people, everyone wins this way.
  • Do not steal other people treasures. You'll have lots of silver very quickly and it creates a bad atmosphere.
  • Do not sell all. Always sell one again and again. Sell all only rewards the value of one even if there's more.
  • Do not waste GP. GP are a must to buy the largest ships.
  • There's no difference between a 50SP cannon and a 2GP one. Except the price.
  • There's no difference between a nude crew and a full-GP-clothed one. Except the price.
  • Prefer Facebook to add people instead of spamming your email. Real spammers LOVES emails thrown publicly on FB.
  • Don't whine if your mailbox is full of crap spam after having shown your mail on FB.
  • If you don't know, ask. If you know, share.

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